Since our inception in 2019, Crossing Creek Community Theatre  volunteers and sponsors have brought five productions to West Kelowna—three of them during Covid-19 restrictions.

          Winter    2020:      WCKY

          Summer 2020:     Canterbury Tales or Geoffrey Chaucer's  Flying Circus

          Summer 2021:     Much Ado About Nothing

          Winter    2022:     The Carol Burnett Show

          Summer 2022:     The History of Dating

          Winter    2023:     Gladys In Wonderland

All productions have been well-received and supported by our community, providing much-needed pandemic relief through laughter and connection!

Having now mastered the super power of creative adaptability, CCCT is  looking forward to growing our theatre community to bring the magic of the stage to West Kelowna for years to come.

Leanne Reimer

Artistic Director

Crossing Creek Community Theatre

A true community theatre for Westside Kelowna has long been a dream of Leanne Reimer, the Artistic Director of Crossing Creek Community Theatre. Under her direction and with great enthusiasm, she brought together 40+ volunteers and coordinated hundreds of man-hours resulting in its successful launching in September 2019.Leanne has been a Glenrosa resident in West Kelownafor 18 years. Her love for the theatre beganas a young child and grew with her. By high school in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, she played lead roles in musicals, one act plays, and dinner theatres, winning provincial awards for acting and student directing.

Leanne entered the theatre program at Simon Fraser University and completed a BA with a major in English Literature and a minor in Theatre. After dabbling in camera and film work in Vancouver, she moved back to the prairies where leading a touring drama team was part of her job at Aldersgate College. Before moving to West Kelowna, Leanne performed and directed in community theatre in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, co-founded a drama school for children called Stage Left Drama Club, brought one-act community plays to provincial competitions—again winning awards for acting and directing—and performed with Sioux Valley summer theatre in Estevan.

Raising a family gave Leanne less time for the theatre, but she continued to write, direct, and perform in many community dramas for children, special occasions and events. Leanne has seen that community theatre provides not only home-grown entertainment, but an avenue for a community of artists and supporters to gather, share talents, and foster relationships and unity. Her desire in founding Crossing Creek Community Theatre is to provide Westside Kelowna with such an opportunity for growth, learning, and connection within the community.

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