Currently we are needing volunteers to help “The Carol Burnett Show” run smoothly. 

Volunteering is a fun bunch of people and a worth-while way to spend your time! Please consider volunteering in one or more of these essential areas:


We need help to construct and paint the set and set pieces.  This will be scheduled at an outside location Feb 1-15.


We need individuals with trucks and/or trailers to transport rented chairs and set pieces to and from Grizzly Winery.

Front of House

We need ticket takers, traffic guiders, and ushers to help us keep whatever Covid protocols exist during the show.  All of these volunteers must be fully vaccinated according to our plan with Interior Health.  You will get to see the show for free!


Keep your eyes open for email and facebook/instagram posts about the show.  Like and share to all your circles!  If you would like a poster to hang somewhere, we can get that to you. 

If you would like to volunteer, let us know your area of interest and your availability.

Please reply to

We’d love to hear from you!!