Director’s Notes

I was scanning the play publisher sites looking for an appropriate script for our Summer 2020 production. It had to be light and funny and just crazy enough to do an outdoor show. Burton Bumgarner’s Canterbury Tales hit that nail on the head. And we bent that nail into our own version of a local, casual, ridiculous show.

The people you see on the stage, and those behind the stage, have worked tremendously hard for this show. Given the CoVid-19 parameters, they have bravely given hours and hours of their time, with the underlying threat that the performance might not even happen. They’ve rehearsed remotely over Zoom, they’ve sanitized, they’ve distanced, and they’ve included other cast members in their “bubble.” We’ve been laughing together for a couple of months and it’s been such a great outlet during this time of crisis. We hope this performance gives you a taste of the fun we have had.


Leanne Reimer, Artistic Director

Photos by Loraine Taylor