The Creekers, CCCT’s seniors’ (55+) acting troupe, was recently-formed to allow Westside seniors increased exposure to the many benefits of the performing arts. This one activity is an amazing anti-aging venue for: social connection, physical/mental exercise, improving and/or learning new skills, teaching, increasing one’s creativity, purposeful activity as well as giving back to the community. All are included on the list of “Secrets to Successful Seniorhood!”

Creekers, new to live theatre, can explore its many aspects--on, in-front-of or behind the stage. It provides a broad range of areas to suit almost everyone. Creekers with theatre experience can refresh skills as well as explore the many additional opportunities. (All this at a slower pace and without the stressors that go with main-stream productions.)

Meetings are held regularly to share, take part in skill-building sessions as well as create/develop and/or produce, promote, rehearse performances. You can experience all, or part of the action.


The Seniors’ (55+) troupe is now rehearsing for our Winter show on Saturdays--1:30 to 3:30 pm at Powers Creek Community Church. There are 4 outreach performances scheduled at local seniors' residences/centrse for late November/early December.

The Storytelling Workshop in September went well. We will be hosting more Workshops in January.